Thursday, October 06, 2005

Ok this is weird. I didnt blog forever, cos I was meant to start another one..and well I kinda did, but there's something wrong with the design, and i cant be arsed to fix it. So we'll see. Sorry Im so slow tho Anna. Jeg elsker deg min lille stjerne ;)

This has been a crappy day. I got a boyfriend last xmas..then we broke up..and got back together..and broke up again. It's just been the two of us anyway tho, but I spose we decided not to talk anymore today. So Im just sad -nods-

I was watching Oprah earlier..she thaught me a new its such a cool word. Im gonna start useing it daily. Spose people will love me for that.

I heard this cool joke today as well.. "Im going to the cinema to see the new movie on new orleans. Finding Negro's"
Spose its selfmade by Curt tho :p real homemade stuff.

Im writing cos Im bored..and cos ronan needs something to read..and errrm..
Oooooo Julie kissed Christian in Hotel Cæ

You better comment Ro
Ooooo and Ronan got married and had a lil baby boy named Shane..Im auntie Mona there
Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Yeah, I've been dead for a while...and Im gonna keep on being dead right now..

Friday, December 10, 2004

Yeah yeah I know I've been awau frr ages, but I've had so much to do lately. And and I've been planning to start my website tho, but we all know how that goes :p

Im going to Oslo later today tho..with Heidi..YAY!! We're gonna shop till we drop..or something :p
And and even tho I've been away for ages its not like I have anything to write.
Friday, November 26, 2004

I give up. I was so looking forward to yesterday just to get my laptop back with internet and stuff. So I could start with my website right. Well for some fucking reason it figured it'd kill all my programmes. No dreamweaver, no photoshop, no indesign...nothing. And no way if I'll work in notepad. Im gonna have to beg on my knees to make Anna help me 0:)

We have no teacher today either. They're all gone. Im not complaining tho, cos that means I wont have to do anything at all :D So I've spent 4 hours gossiping with the girls :p I like that lol. And now I have to go to a meeting with this lady about school business. Its all a mess these days.

Hmm I dont have much to write about tho. Im addicted to word games these days lol. Like crosswords and wordsearch. I so need a life. Poor Ronan for having to listen to me all the time :p Im sure he loves me tho, so yeah ;) And Im gonna be auntie Mona for his baby as well, so its all good. I do think it should be born on my bday tho, and not in may, but Im afraid I wont get to choose the date. Hmpf :p

Oh well..I'll go prepare for my weekend now. Have to sleep so I'll be awake all weekend :p Just have to find a decent spot to sleep..some place comfortable
Monday, November 15, 2004

Ok, so this whole website business hasnt been going too well to be honest. I spose most of you figured that out by yourself. I've started working on my layout at school tho, but I dont have to much time working on it there. Seems I've found someone who can fix my router and stuff at home now, so I can upload the one I already made. Well I have to finish it and stuff, but its a start. I doubt it'll be all that good tho, but I'll do my best.

So yeah. Last week was good. Was at the county newspaper as I said. It was great! I got to do all kinds of things, and its so so cool seeing your name in the paper, and having people stopping you on thr street wanting to talk about what you've done there. And this man even came and offered me a job there. How great isnt that. And I said yes ofcourse. So yeah, I'll prolly start working for real after xmas maybe. When its a bit more relaxing at school and all. Cant wait :)

I was home alone this weekend as well. It was so nice. Havent had time alone for ages. I did go out friday night tho. To a so called party. It was rather dead. And well Mona was being stupid and did things she shouldnt have. Oh well..thats life I spose. I went to visit my cousins and stuff yesterday tho, so that was good.

And and today we got like all day off school. One of the teachers died. I didnt know her all that much tho, but its sad anyway. Its a small school. And it pisses me off when people are joking about it. Yup.

Im gonna go watch TV now. Monday is my TV night. First its the bachelor. Then its Amish in the city, and after that its The bachelorette :p Oooh and Hotel Caesar. And tomorrow is CSI night :D Oh I love my telly and my bed..YAY!
Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Ok, so its been ages since I wrote here last. I was gonna start my website..and I did, but my puters are still all messed up. I'll hurry tho. Anna's made a lovely holding page for me tho..go check here.

Well Im working at the county newspaper this week. Its so so cool, and I've got my very own office even. And I've been around interviewing people so I can write stuff..yup. And I get to go to all these important morning meetings :D I feel all smart and stuff. And my boss said he liked my stuff even, so yay! Im all happy.

And and another good thing is..Im home alone this weekend. Ola's threatened to stay at home with me, but I went complaining to my dad, and he thought I'd deserve some time of my own..finally!! Its gonna be so so good. My mam is all freaked out tho. She's got this weird idea Im on drugs. And I dunno why, so yeah. Mams -shakes head-

Friday, October 29, 2004

Ummm no comment..or well, I've been practising my ghost face..

Ok..forget what I said about writing here more often. Im gonna make a proper website now. Thanks to Ronan and Anna ;) I'll come back when its done tho..with the url and stuff..and and I'll move my blog there..

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